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All fields are required for online booking


  • Can I book Online?

Yes, you can book your order online.


  • How do I book Online?

Pick the event’s date.

Add items that display “Book Online” to your cart.

Pay the Order.


  • Why I can’t select my event’s date?

Most likely your event takes place within 1 day or less and is not available since the Online Booking system requires at least 1 day in advance.


  • What happens after I place my Order Online?

You will receive the order confirmation by email, one of our team members will contact you to confirm we have received your order via email, text message (preferred) or call.


  • What is the drop off time?

Drop off is usually the day of the event 7:30am-11:30am. Our system will create the most efficient route automatically, from closest to farthest. If you need a different time slot, you can specify it in the order’s Notes


  • Can I get my order the day before?

Most of the times, yes. Delivery the day before has an additional $20 fee.


  • The item I want says “Call for Booking”

This item can be booked only by phone.


  • I can’t add to the cart the amount I want.

The system only allows to book online a limited number of items. If you need more than the amount of items the system allows you to add, please give us a call.


  • My event is today and I can’t book it online?

The system do not allows same day online booking, please call us instead.


  • Can I book my event the same day?

Yes, you can only by phone. However, we recommend to place your order the soonest possible in order to guarantee the availability of some popular items.


  • Is JOY Party Rentals a register vendor?

Yes,  we are registered as Miami Dade Party Vendor.


  • My location requires “Certificate of Liability”, can JOY Party Rentals provide with the same?

Yes, if the location requires it, we provide with the Certificate of Liability.


  • I can’t find the item I need on the website

Some of our products are not listed in the website, please give us a call to help you find it.


  • The equipment I need says “Booked”

The Booked message  means somebody already booked that item for the same day and time of your event, therefore is not available that day.


  • How do I set the delivery time?

You can set the delivery time or any other specification you need in your order by filling out the Notes section at the check out time. A member of our team will contact you to confirm the same.


  • Is my card saved in the system?

No, we do not keep your Credit Card information. All payments are processed by PayPal.


  • What is a courtesy credit?

A Courtesy Credit is granted to clients for multiple reasons, including special offers, according to Management consideration, it’s not a refund or debt toward the clients. It can be canceled at any time and without previous notice according to Management consideration.


  • My question is not listed on this page

Please give us a call or send us a text in order to help you with any question you might have.