Hot Dog Steamer Machine


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Width: 15″
Depth: 16″
Height: 19″

✔️Holds 164 hot dogs and 36 buns
✔️Adjustable thermostat accommodates a variety of products and cooking conditions


Introducing our sizzling Hot Dog Steamer Machine, available for rent to take your event to the next level! Elevate your gatherings, parties, and special occasions with the mouthwatering aroma of perfectly steamed hot dogs. Our user-friendly steamer ensures hassle-free operation, allowing you to serve up delectable hot dogs that are juicy and bursting with flavor. With a sleek and compact design, it seamlessly fits into any setting, from backyard BBQs to corporate picnics. Impress your guests with the convenience and charm of a classic hot dog stand right at your event. Rent our Hot Dog Steamer Machine today and add a dash of nostalgia and a whole lot of deliciousness to your celebration! 🌭🔥🌟🎉


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